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The intricately woven sounds, words & images you will enjoy throughout "Time Outside of Time" reflect healing principals harvested from several traditions: Shamanism, clinical hypnosis and guided imagery.

May earth & sky & all of the elements bless you on your journey!

1. Introduction 4:13
2. Nature our Great Healer 22:37
3. A Bedtime Story 19:50

Recorded at Muddy Angel Music, Richmond, MA
Opening music from "Embrace" from the CD "In the Moment" by Mark Kelso
Percussion music from "This Rhythm is Not Mine" by John de Kadt

As a therapist, I have listened to hundreds of guided imagery CDs, and Eileen Lawlor’s Time Outside of Time is among the very best. She has crafted imagery experiences that are richly emotional and captivating. Her voice is richly evocative and her wordcrafting exquisite. The musical accompaniment by Mark Kelso makes her visualizations richly textured, immersing you in a soothing tapestry of music, voice, and imagination.

Eileen weaves her decades of experience into two different tracks on this CD. The first one is designed to induce an overall state of peacefulness and well-being. The second one is a soothing multi-sensory experience designed to help the listener fall asleep. It includes gorgeous ocean imagery that helps to deepen the relaxation and gently guides the listener into a blissful state of slumber. I have recommended Eileen’s CD to many of my clients, and have found they enjoy it and benefit greatly from the relaxation and inspiration it provides.

Jeffrey Rossman Ph.D., Director, Life Management, Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA, and author of The Mind-Body Mood Solution: The Breakthrough Drug-Free Program for Lasting Relief from Depression

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  • Music Genre: Guided Imagery

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